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Re: Desperately looking for help with a PCMCIA SCSI card!

erik wrote:

> On Tue, 04 Jul 2000, Juan C. Amengual wrote:
> > I have an ASUS F7400 Laptop (a.k.a. ASUS Grandio Laptop). I have
> > installed Debian 2.2 (a.k.a. Potato). I have a PCMCIA SCSI Card: Adaptec
> > SlimSCSI 1480A Cardbus (Adaptec APA-1480 SCSI Host Adapter). I am still
> > trying to make it work under Potato. When I insert the card in any
> > socket, I always receive the following message:
> >
> > aic7xxx: <Adaptec PCMCIA SCSI controller> at PCI 35/0/0
> > aic7xxx: I/O ports already in use, ignoring.
> > scsi : 0 hosts.
> >
> > I can't imagine why the I/O ports are already in use. Well, let's tell
> > the whole story.
> Ummm, I have had similar problems with the deb pcmcia - except its not
> pcmcia, its setserial. If you are not using the non pcmcia ports for any
> thing strange try just removing S30setserial link from /etc/rcS.d: if
> there is nothing going on then there is no need to run setserial - as is
> the case in many of the rpm systems. If setserial runs at boot it seems to
> make cardservices think the port is busy... I don't know why, but just
> turning setserial off works for me :-\.

Sorry, it din't work for me 8''^((( I have purged setserial, reboot the system and
... same error messages. I have not compiled the kernel yet, just trying with the
original potato deb packages for kernel 2.2.17 and pcmcia modules for 2.2.17. Now, it
is trying to use i/o port range 200-2ff instead of 1000-10ff. But module apa1480_cb
keeps considering them already in use ... despite /proc/ioports says they are free
... I am completely desperated. I *have* to make this card work ... and I don't know
what else I can do. Is this a bug? Maybe consult to the developers list? ... Well, I
think I'm gonna send a bug report. Thank you very much for your help. Any idea or
contribution to solve my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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