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Re: Desperately looking for help with a PCMCIA SCSI card!

Thomas Guettler wrote:

> maybe the ioport is really already in use
> try "less /proc/ioports""

No ... As I've said in my first e-mail:

> > Of course I have checked all of this in /proc/interrupts and
> > /proc/ioports. Concretely the I/O port range is not in use. Thank you
> > very much in advance for your help and patience.

At least the range 1000-10FF (the 256 range needed by the card and actually used in
Windoze). I don't know if it conflicts with other devices ... I don't really know
whether the card is trying to use other range under Linux ... Well, in fact I installed
the driver in Windoze with the only purpose of checking possible hardware fails. I
suppose that I have to perform some C programming in order to print in the standard
error which is the i/o range that is trying to use the module aic7xxx (in fact, I have
located the precise point where this occurs, I think). But my obligations here at
university (research & teaching) don't let me to dedicate much time to this. So,
please, any help will be very, very appreciated. Perhaps, I have found a nasty bug ...
What do you think to this respect?

And if  there are some kernel-package-gurus out there, an easy (I suppose) question
(but whose answer I haven't found in the documentation):

> > P.S.: By the way, someone can tell me how to use the kernel-package
> > (make-kpkg) to configure the PCMCIA modules? I have tried make-kpkg
> > modules_config and it didn't work. Well, I am trying to build the
> > "trusted" versions for cardctl, etc. and there is no way of achieving
> > this with make-kpkg. Have I to return to the "old-style" stuff (you
> > know, make dep; make clean; make bzlilo, etc.)?
> >

Thank you very much in advance for your time and your patience, and your precious help.

Best regards,


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