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Re: Compability of a mother board

I dont see any form of problems with doing SMP. Linux isn't too chipset 
specific, you might have a problem with video (if you are having 
problems with it now, try X 4.0.1, if you've still got problems, bad 
luck, get a trio32 or something).

what is this machine going to do?? server?? workstation !?

Everything should be fine... watch out for the video... and sound!!


On Tue, 04 Jul 2000 06:42:17 Dragon wrote:
> I apology if this not the place to ask. If so please refer my question to
> the right place. Thanks!
> Does Debian support the mother board 'Supermicro PIIIDM3 i840 MB' with 133
> external frequency? 
> I'd like to plug two Intel PIII 733 S1 133Mhz CPU to test its SMP
> capability.
> (If I couldn't give the answer by tomorrow this expensive server will be
> installed with Windows 2000 which is the last thing I'd like to see. ^^)
> Please kindly help!

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