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Re: DHCPCD Errors

On Sun, 02 Jul 2000, Jon Hughes wrote:
> I ahve downloaded and installed the DEB package for
> the DHCP client, as per according to the howto.  The
> howto isn't very helpful as it states "It should fill
> all the information in automaticly".


I assume you are using Debian 2.1 (slink). I had that same trouble quite a
while ago. If I remember correctly the install of dhcpc did not create the
/etc/dhcpc directory. I think I manually created the directory, removed the
package, then re-installed the package. Your /etc/dhcpc directory should

You could also try dhcp-client-beta. The last machine I installed from slink I
used that and had no probs. It was just a base install, then I changed my
/etc/apt/sources.list to potato and performed the apt-get dist-upgrade. I then
switched to pump. In potato the network configuration (ifup/ifdown) is greatly
improved, IMHO.

Hope this helps.

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