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RE: sawmill is a herring bone screen

I have the same problem with sawmill.  Nothing but that herringbone
screen.  I wanted to leave KDE only because it is getting to be a
huge memory hog.  I have tried other desktop environments/wm's
including Gnome-icewm and now Windowmaker. Enlightenment looks nice,
but I had gone back to KDE after trying it. I think I will stick with
Windowmaker, but I have to switch to gnome-icewm or icewm in order to
use XFMail.  Fortunately, switching between them is very easy and


On 03-Jul-2000 14:30:38 Lindsay Allen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I can run windowmaker, enlightenment and icewm quite happily.  But
> when I
> try sawmill I just get the herring bone screen.  The only sign of
> intelligence is that the middle mouse button produces a set of
> menus.

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