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Re: FW: ppp help

Pl read /usr/doc/HOWTO/PPP-HOWTO

On Fri, Jun 30, 2000 at 04:54:58PM -0400, gochenourj@cfw.com wrote:
> Hey Debian-heads,
> Thanks for the reply...
> I've only installed the potato base-1-11.bin discs.
> I wanted to use apt-get to install the rest of the system.
> I can't seem to get my modem to dial up though. Are there
> any good document pages (http) that explain how to set up
> dial up scripts? My modem is on ttys3 (com4). So far, I've been
> looking in /etc/ppp/* and have not understood what to do.
> Do I need some type of chat script?
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