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Re: rpm's

> Just installed debian for the first time and I'm a little green.  I have
> two questions.
> 1.  For some reason the package didn't contain ftpd.  Where can I find a
> .deb binary?
apt-cache search ftpd

And that'll give you the names of all the packages and descriptions that
have the 'ftpd' in them. Then run:
apt-get install PACKAGE_NAME

And Debian will start downloading and installing that package and any
other packages it might depend on.

> 2.  Is there a way to make debian understand rpm's?  If so, where can I
> find info on how to do it?
The 'alien' program has worked pretty well for me although lately it just
hasn't come in handy that much since people have been doing a good
job of making DEBs (especially the Helix GNOME people).

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