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Re: gpm -A

Quoting Jim Breton (jamesb-debian@alongtheway.com):
> Has anyone used the "-A" parameter to gpm?  Does it work as expected?
> Well I tried adding that feature in my gpm.conf:
> device=/dev/ttyS0
> responsiveness=
> type=ms3
> append="-A 60 -l \"a-zA-Z0-9_.:~/\300-\326\330-\366\370-\377\""
> and it appears to make no difference whatsoever.  I am able to copy text
> from the console, wait for a long time, and still paste it.
> Is this broken, or am I doing something wrong?

Remove the space to leave -A60. And note that only the ability to
paste is lost; any highlighting remains.

For others trying this, note that you have to restart gpm yourself
after running gpmconfig. The "Started ..." message is misleading.


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