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XF86 and mouse (and maybe other things)

I have played around at getting Linux up and running, and so far seem
to have things doing reasonably well, at least at the command line. 
I'm now trying to set up XFree86, and am having problems with the
configuration.  It cannot detect my mouse (I have a Glidepoint) at all,
which may explain the failure of X Window to start.  I get error 111,
it that's any help.  There is also the small matter of not finding the
chipset (SiS 5598 -- on-board video on ASUS SP97-V) in the list, but I
set XF86Setup to Probe, figuring that would suffice.

I did not have gpm in the system anywhere, so downloaded and installed
that (at least I think I did -- I used libgpm and ncurses 3).  I still
cannot get gpm to run.

I have reason to suspect that I do not have a kernel-level mouse

Questions galore, including:

If I need a kernel-level driver, how do I go about installing it?  Am I
better off downloading the latest kernel (I have the kernel that was
available over a year ago, since that is when I got the CDs <slink
distribution>, which I think is 2.0.35 or 2.0.36), and ensuring that it
has a driver, or should I go ahead and add the driver?

What does err 111 mean?  I cannot find a table of error codes.

How do I set up the mouse so it will work?

I know enough so far to get into trouble, but not enough to get out of
it.  <;-)



Cam Ellison, Ph.D., R.Psych.

cam_ellison@uniserve.com  or cam@fleuryassociates.com

>From the lovely Sunshine Coast, where it only SEEMS to rain.


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