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Re: setting up multi boot system

David Dodson wrote:
> Hello
> I've never run any kind of other operating system besides windows and I was
> considering setting up debian on one of my workstations at the office since
> its the only place I have computer and internet access.  I still need to
> keep windows and absolutely under no circumstances can I have one of these
> machines out of order.  It'll be my job.  So my question is, is it realistic
> to partition my drive and set up debian and what not and still expect to be
> able to use windows even if something weird is going on with debian?  I
> would think that you would get an option on which drive to boot from before
> either operating system is being used right?  Probably a stupid question but
> I couldn't find an answer anywhere else.
> Kindest Regards
> -David

It sounds like you will have Debian on one drive and Windows on
another.  You can use 'lilo' to boot one or the other.  There shouldn't
be any trouble with one OS messing with the other in this circumstance.
During the initial installation you might want to unplug your HD with
Windows on it just to make sure no mistakes are made and you partition
that drive accidentally.  One other thing you might consider is vmware.
I've never used it but from what I understand if you have enough memory
it works pretty well.  You can install vmware on either windows or linux
and then run other operating systems from within that operating system
so you don't have to reboot each time to switch.  

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