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Re: The Thrill of Debian Gnu/Linux

Colin Watson wrote:
> John McBride <jmcbride@networkone.net> wrote:
> >As soon as I got a base system working, I updated my sources.list and
> >used "apt-get update". It failed after retreiving the pkg files with an
> >E: message that some package names were too long. Presumably, my 2.1
> >slink CD has a version of dpkg or something that has some kind of path
> >length limitation.
> I don't see anything obvious in the changelog, but I might be missing
> something; it's worth asking debian-testing about this (in case it's a
> bug in potato too).

I think it's fixed cuz it goes away after updating the various package
utilities. At any rate, I am so impressed by the various responses I've
received on the group I decided to reinstall again and document
everything that happens--here goes:

1) CD labeled "Linux Central Debian GNU/Linux Release 2.1"
2) Boot/Rescue disk comes up and says "Debian Rescue Floppy 2.1.8
3) All goes well; reboot, bail out after creating a root and new account
(don't install a profile)
3) edit sources.list, untar my own packages archive (saved from the
previous install).
4) apt-get-update to get the package lists.

Here's the output for the problems I mentioned:

Updating package file cache...
E: Line 72651 in package file
is too long.(2)
E: Line 72651 in package file
is too long.(2)

...at this point I upgrade apt...

dpkg -i ldso...
dpkg -i libc6...
dpkg -i libstdc++...
dpkg -i apt...

...now apt-get is working again, so I do a "apt-get dist-upgrade" and
all is well. Now I try to install helix-gnome with:

lynx -source http://spidermonkey.helixcode.com/go-gnome | sh

...but lynx is not installed. "apt-get install lynx" yields:

E: This installation run will require temporarily removing the essential
package perl-base due to a Conflicts/Pre-Depends loop. This is often
bad, but if you really want to do it, activate the APT::Force-LoopBreak
E: Internal Error, Could not early remove perl-base

...so, I add the following to /etc/apt/apt.conf:

	Force-LoopBreak "true";

...then lynx installs ok. Attempting to install helix-gnome now fails
with :

Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  task-helix-gnome: Depends: task-helix-core but it is not going to be
E: Sorry, broken packages
Install finished!

...okay, try to install task-helix-core alone, which works and installs
masses of packages. Now try the lynx command again. This time it bails
out with the following:

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
Install finished!

...okay, install gpm, xserver-vga16 and xf86setup.
...edit the /etc/gpm.conf by hand, because the configurator doesn't
write the append line properly.
...Don't run gpmtest cuz it will lock the machine, requiring remote
access or reset!
...Set up X with XF86Setup. Traverse with the keyboard only until the
mouse tab is applied, cuz it assumes Microsoft, which in combination
with my MouseSystems mouse causes a tcl/tk stack trace, which in turn
requires a ctrl-alt-backspace to start over from the command prompt.
...Reboot. gdm comes up, and both accounts (root and personal) have
everything working! actually, everything went much smoother this time

...tomorrow, I will try some of the ideas I saw regarding the disabling
of gdm, so I can start everything with the "startx" command. I really
prefer starting off with a standard tty login.

Thanks again,
"A GNU Debian User"

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