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Linux client for NT workgroup


Is it possible to configure Debian (or any other Linux
distribution for that matter) to verify logins against
a Windows NT server instead of the /etc/passwd file? 
If it involves a lot of specific information, i can
probably find that myself, but a general description,
at least, would be very helpful and much appreciated!

Note:  I am a Junior in high school who has the
majority of the control over the few Linux computers
we have in the comp. lab, but no control at all over
the choice of servers (unfortunatly!).  I would like
to be able to verify users/passwords against the NT
server because that would let any students with
accounts on the server use linux, without them adding
themselves to each computer manually, and because (of
school regulations) i cannot setup a NIS server.

Thanks in advance,
Peter Welte (debianshark@yahoo.com) 

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