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Re: Three Nic cards Not working

Jay Kelly wrote:
> I have a question on network cards. Im wanting to add a third nic (eth2) to
> my potato box. All three cards are using the tulip drivers. eth0 is a
> Netgear eth1 is a Kingston and eth2 is a Linksys. When I any combination of
> the two cards install they both work, but when I install the third it
> detected a boot up but kills eth1 and eth 2. As soon as I remove eth 2 eth 1
> begins to work. I assume its a memory or irq conflict but im not sure
> because is detected at boot. Has anybody have any suggestions. I never did
> this before and am at a loss.
> Thanks Jay

IMHO, best approach is to use whatever dos utility you can find to
configure your nics (ie set the irqs and the io addresses), turning off
PnP in the bios. 

Then you configure /etc/modutils/arch/i386 with something like this (if
your module happens to be eepro and the utility sets the irqs & ios
	alias eth1 eepro
	alias eth2 eepro	
	options eth1 -o eepro-0 io=0x0210 irq=3
	options eth2 -o eepro-1 io-0x0220 irq=5
Then run modules-update.
Then set the addresses you want for eth1 and eth2 in

I tried to use isapnptools to configure extra PnP cards (they were ISA
not PCI) but couldn't get it to work. Finally had to boot the box to dos
and use the dos utility to configure the nics. Don't know why it didn't
work but it didn't. Your mileage may vary.



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