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locate/updatedb on crack

Locate has been acting strangely lately, please have a look:
I just ran updatedb two minutes ago; updatedb.conf appears below.

pat@turbo:~$ locate /usr/include/libgimp/gimpintl.h
/usr/include/libgimp/gimpintl.h          # ok, it found it

pat@turbo:~$ locate gimpinit.h           # but not this time?

pat@turbo:~$ locate /libgimp/gimpintl.h  # good

pat@turbo:~$ locate /gimpintl.h          # again

pat@turbo:~$ locate gimpintl.h           # ok, now why does it work here?

pat@turbo:~$ locate gimpintl.h           # again?

I'm using two Eterms.  Now it's working in one of them (the one above),
but not the other.  Both seem to work fine except for the other one
now with "gimpinitl.h."

The other found gimp.h, which is in the same dir as gimpinit.h.  But
it still can't locate gimpinitl.h.


# This file sets environment variables which are used by updatedb

# filesystems which are pruned from updatedb database
PRUNEFS="NFS nfs afs proc smbfs autofs auto iso9660 ncpfs coda"
export PRUNEFS
# paths which are pruned from updatedb database
PRUNEPATHS="/tmp /usr/tmp /var/tmp /afs /amd /alex /var/spool"
# netpaths which are added
####### end of updatedb.conf ######
Pat Mahoney  <pat7@gmx.net>

I cannot overemphasize the importance of good grammar.
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