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gmc icons end up with title bars on Helix Gnome?

I've installed Helix Gnome on a Debian "Potato moving to Woody"
machine.  It works great, and the extra bit of effort that Helix has
put into the presentation is really worth it (IMHO).

I've installed a number of user accounts starting from scratch for
each one of them (removing previous .gnome etc directories - I'm sure
it wasn't necessary but I wanted to start fresh).

All have moved from enlightenment to sawfish.

Just one of them has odd behaviour that I'm trying to understand.
With a number of workspaces, their gmc icons (Home directory,
Slashdot, etc) remain only on the first workspace.  But worse than
this, the icons sometimes get a title bar with buttons!!!!!!  Looking
very ugly.  Often happens when using the Control Center and also it
seems under other circumstances that I can't quite get a grip on yet.

This user has the cooper sawfish theme and the seaGTK gtk theme, but a
little experimenting isn't conclusive about whether it is the themes
that aftects this?

I do not (yet) see this behaviour on other accounts.

Is this something controlled by the themes, and any ideas where I look
to "fix" this.

Many thanks,

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