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Re: Ghostvie won't read recent .pdf files


Are you sure those files aren't encrypted? 
Otherwise install an extra 'viewer' for ghostview, called: gs-pdfencryp 
This package provides the modifications necessary to view encrypted PDF
files with the gs and gs-aladdin packages.

Good luck...

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Daniel Reuter wrote:

> AFAIK, ghostview really has difficulties with pdf-files.
> Two possible solutions:
> 1.) If you don't want to use Acrobat Reader for some reason, you could try
> out gv. It should display most pdf-files (and PostScript) without
> difficulties (There is also a gnome-version of it, but there have been
> reports of problems with it a while ago on this list).
> 2.) convert the pdf to PostScript before viewing. gs should be able to do
> it, there's a script for it, just look for the man page for pdf2ps.

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