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Re: Ghostvie won't read recent .pdf files

I have these problems too. So I start using Acrobat Reader for viewing
PDFs. Nice thing about it is, that you can use it also in
noninteractive way as a part of pipe for PDF->PS conversion. Then you
may continue with GS.



On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 01:02:38PM -0400, David Teague wrote:
> All
> Subject line says it all. ghostview crashes when I try to read .pdf
> files created recently. Is there a fix? Hope someone knows ... or
> can give me a pointer to another source of information.
> --David David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu Debian GNU/Linux Because
> software support is free, timely, useful, technically accurate, and
> friendly.

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