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Re: Does Windows regenerate MBR by itself?

> A very similar thing happened on the same computer, when he had NT and
> Win98 installed (in the same partition).  NT's mutlibooter worked fine
> untill some point, and then it just vanished, and the computer started
> booting straight into Win98.
> My friend claims he did nothing at all that could cause this.
> Could it be that Windows "repairs" the MBR by removing a "foreign"
> multy-booter and overwriting it with the native one to only boot
> Windows?  If so, what could have caused this behavior.  I've never
> heard of anything like this.  Granted, I haven't used Windows much,
> and know very little about it.
Is he running a virus checker under windows?
I've noticed some of them run, notice the MBR has changed when they do their
full scheduled scan, and then change it back to the image of teh MBR they had
when the Virus checker was installed
(These days most ask...but he may have the option turned off or something)

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