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Does Windows regenerate MBR by itself?

A friend of mine is experiencing a weird situation with multy-booting.
I installed Linux for him on a second harddrive all by itself, and
installed Lilo into MBR on /dev/hda to mutli-boot Linux and Windows
(Windows off /dev/hda1, and Linux off /dev/hdc1).

This worked fine for about a month until today, when he called me and
told that he no longer sees LILO's boot prompt, but the computer boots
straight into Windows every time now (all of a sudden).

A very similar thing happened on the same computer, when he had NT and
Win98 installed (in the same partition).  NT's mutlibooter worked fine
untill some point, and then it just vanished, and the computer started
booting straight into Win98.

My friend claims he did nothing at all that could cause this.

Could it be that Windows "repairs" the MBR by removing a "foreign"
multy-booter and overwriting it with the native one to only boot
Windows?  If so, what could have caused this behavior.  I've never
heard of anything like this.  Granted, I haven't used Windows much,
and know very little about it.

I'm going over tomorrow to reinstall LILO for him.
How can I prevent something like this happening again?

Thanks for any ideas!
Arcady Genkin        
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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