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How to extract the "ms-tnef" attachment in debian?

Hi All,

My friend sent a binary file to me, however it arrived as an application/ms-tnef
I saved this attachment to the file, and it seems that there is the desired
file inside but with strange rubbish attached at the begining, and probably
at the end.
Does anybody knows how to filter out all the rubbish and get the data back?
What is the "ms-tnef" MIME type? Is it any documented standard (I saw
the "IPM Microsoft Mail Note" string inside, so probably it is yet
another "genial" u$oft invention aimed to corrupt the Internet standards)?

BTW I tried to decode the message on Win98 machine. M$ Outlook didn't detect
any attachment at all (however the message length in the "properties" was
displayed correctly), and the win version of Netscape found the attachment,
but didn't know how to handle the "application/ms-tnef" MIME type. :-P
			Wojciech Zabolotny

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