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Re: Where do I find administrators' documentation?

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 03:55:46PM +0100, Moore, Paul wrote:
> I've used Debian off and on for a while now, and the thing I find most
> difficult to get to grips with is the system administration in the
> debian-specific areas. Things I've come up against in the past include
>     - package management (beyond the basic apt-get install)
>     - the alternatives system
>     - X windows and the "menu" system
>     - window managers and configuration thereof
>     - general user config (and more generally, applying
>       system-wide defaults)
>     - users and groups (specific question, why have a
>       group for each user?)
>     - what is the impact of (say) changing /etc/xxxxx directly, on
>       the package management system - and how do I assess
>       this impact before making changes?
> In general, I've hunted round and found answers to most of the questions
> I've had, but it has been a fairly ad-hoc and time-consuming process.

i have exactly the same impression: either you know it already and
don't need the documentation, or finding it is a serious drain on
your time.

if you'd like to collaborate on sharing your experience and knowledge
gained on a 'debian newbie admninistrator' website, i'd love to help.

i've downloaded the *.wml stuff from the developer's corner on 
www.debian.org but still don't have quite the grasp on how to get
it to do what i'd like--plus, there's many layers of committee
approval to go through to make any changes there. so i think we'll
be better off (and so will the debian community) if we can pull
together some tips and mini-guides on our own, more quickly, to get
newbies up-to-speed more quickly with less stress for the debian gurus.

your free time may be as limited as mine, but i'll die trying to
find a way to help. debian looks like The Way To Go, if you ask

have you tracked your documentation searches? even that much
would be likely to help others learn what they need...

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