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Libré Software universities? (USA or Canada)

 I cannot get into a CS course at PCC.edu because it is to be taught
 with Micro$oft C++ on the Windows "platform", and they don't think
 GCC is a suitable alternative.[1] The instructor is an aging man
 who's really paunchy and out of condition (like, get OUT of the chair
 once in a while) who's got carpal tunnel only on the mouse hand.

 I think I'll stay there for Summer term since I'm already signed up
 and have tuition grants coming... but I will change colleges starting
 Fall term for sure.  If they don't take Freed Software seriously
 enough to allow its use for completion of coursework in CS courses,
 then to hell with them - they've got their head up their butts.

 Are there any good inexpensive community or state colleges out there
 that will allow us to use our freed toolset for the coursework?

 I hope that PDX.edu will let me use GCC.  We'll see what they say
 next fall.  If they don't, I won't be here very long.

[1]  `suitable'... hahah.  I'll never wear one in my life anyway.  Form
     follows function.  Never see me in a tie.  Nor using non-liberated
     software for much more than a look-it-over for an example of an

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