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Re: Promise Ultra66 Controller...

That did it, thanks.  I am now having problems with it hanging during
the boot. It finds the card and drives, but it hangs after the lines:

ide0 at 0xblah, 0xblah on irq 10
ide1 at 0xblah, 0xblah on irq 15

Any ideas why this might be hanging?


Kelly Corbin

Jeff Noxon wrote:
> Basically, you do the following:
> tar xfz linux-2.2.15.tar.gz  (This you have probably done already, but make
>                               sure you start with a clean source tree)
> cd linux
> gunzip -dc /wherever/ide. | patch -p1
> make menuconfig  (make sure to enable Promise support.  If you are booting
>                   the Promise controller and not your onboard chipset, there
>                   is also an option for that...  Read the help.)
> make-kpkg kernel_image (or whatever you normally do to make kernels)
> I hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Jeff

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