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Re: df reports wrong partition sizes?

Marc O. Sandlus (Marc.O.Sandlus@ruhr-uni-bochum.de) wrote:

> Yes, you should change it, but be careful:
> All your files in /usr/src actually reside on /dev/sdb5 (yes, the same as /usr).
> /dev/sda7 will be empty! You have wasted 595952 kB till now (maybe you will find
> some old files on /dev/sda7, from a time before you changed /etc/fstab)

Thank you very much! I now have the rest of my missing drive space back!
Here is what 'df' now reports: 

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda8              1189183    628951    498793  56% /
/dev/sdb5              2029267   1514002    410358  79% /usr
/dev/sda5                 1427       438       989  31% /bp
/dev/sda7               576825    190950    356078  35% /usr/src

For the record, *I* did not setup fstab like that. When I installed
slink many, many moons ago, it somehow "lost" that 563MB partition! I
never got around to tracking down where it went until recently. Since
this happened at install time, there were never any files on sda7. 

Anyway, while I haven't rebooted yet (don't want to ;-) everything seems
to be working fine. 


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