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Re: Video problems during 2.2 install

On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 06:30:59PM -0600, Larry Elmore wrote:
> I have a 20" fixed-freq monitor that uses a special Permedia2 video card. It
> works fine except for some DOS games that like > 640x480 resolution (like
> Harpoon 2 -- it doesn't _require_ higher res, but it's a whole _lot_ nicer
> with it).
> The Debian 2.2 boot disk apparently displays some graphic of a penguin when
> it starts up the kernel (so I've been told). All I know is that my monitor
> goes _dead_ at that point, as dead as if I pulled the cable from the video
> card. There's disk activity afterwards, and if I put in the root disk after
> it stops, and press <ENTER>, it appears to load it into RAM. Still no
> display though, which makes further progress pretty much impossible. Is
> there any way to turn off this graphic so I can install 2.2?

The penguin with beer logo is a result of having framebuffer support
turned on and enabled which didn't really come about until the 2.2

Another person mentioned that maybe this should be filed as a bug
against the particular boot-floppies you're using.

Whether or not it's a "bug" is a matter of whether or not framebuffer
support should be enabled in the pre-packaged default kernels for Debian
Potato.  That is a question I cannot answer, but I would assume that it
should not, as there has to be some hardware out there (like yours,
apparently) that cannot support framebuffer modes on the console.

I don't like the idea of fb being in the kernel on the boot floppies,
but I really don't know all the details or any of the thoughts behind
it.  You may want to check with the folks on the appropriate development
list(s) or contact the boot-floppies team and ask if they're aware
that it's on in that particular set of floppies you're using.  Having
accurate information about exactly which date's boot floppies you have
would probably be helpful.

Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com>

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