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Remote X app over openssh-1.2.3 problem


I have a problem running an X app from a remote  SunOS 5.6
on a potato system with openssh-1.2.3 protocol v1.5

Simple things like xclock work fine over openssh (so yes,  settings
should be ok).

The remote app works properly if I telnet to the remote machine
(the app is some horrible glish/java nonfree concoction). When
the app is run a window pops up with 6 buttons on it (with assorted
meaningless graphics of course).

When using openssh, the initial window pops up _empty_. When I
click on the area where a button should be, that single button
image is displayed and another empty window pops up
(it again should have a number of buttons on it).

The local computer is potato with enlightenment running.

Does anyone know why it would work through telnet and not
openssh? (Does not work on closedssh either.) Using a
compression level of 9.


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