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RE: Win 2000 smbmount problems


... can you remember how to configure Samba to support shadow passwords?



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Sent: Friday, June 02, 2000 9:06 PM
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I had  a similar problem problem.  If I recall it was an issue with the way
were being encrypted (ie they are under NT with service pack >= 3).  You may
want to
check this.  Also, are you using shadow passwords on linux?  If so, has the
been configured for this?



Paulo Henrique Baptista wrote:

>         Hi all,
>         I have a Debian server machine SMBmounting a Windows NT to get
> files to import and use in a gtk/perl program. But now this machine is
> upgraded to Windows 2000 and it is giving me an error about acess denied
> altought the NT expert said that I can view (access) the desired dir from
> a Windowze 95 machine.
>         I'm using kernel 2.2.* and smbmount-2.1.*
>         Anyone knows if Windows 2000 has a problem with smbmount?
>         Thanks
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