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Re: exim and perl filter

ulla.russell@pp.inet.fi wrote:

which works but changes the address of internal mail as well.
Can anyone see any problems with this code. I don't know much
about perl and was wondering if the code contained any obvious
(to perl coders) errors.

It gives the following when I source ( . /usr/local/bin/mail-filter )

From what I can remember, the article in LG never tells you to do that. This filter is used by Exim, not by Mutt. Exim catches outgoing mail to non-local hosts, and filters them through the script. Mutt has nothing to do with it.

-- bash: =: command not found
-- bash: /usr/local/bin/mail2: line 3: syntax error near
   unexpected token `while(<>){'
-- bash: /usr/local/bin/mail2: line 3: `while(<>){'

That's bash complaining, not Mutt, nor Exim. You don't use 'source' on the script within Mutt or from the shell. Exim runs and uses the script. (if you're not using Mutt's source command, or the I might be confused).

Have you restarted Exim for the changes to the config file to take effect?

With regards to this error:

        SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL FROM:
        <irvine@hampaita.fi> SIZE=1412:
        host mail.inet.fi []:
        553 hampaita.fi does not exist

It seems as though it's the servers on the ISP side are rejecting the message because hampaita.fi doesn't exist (maybe obvious, but I'm waffling anyway so I may as well say it). If hampaita.fi is the domain that's in the From: header of your outgoing messages without the Perl script, then maybe you haven't restarted Exim.

I can't think of anything else; when I followed the instructions in LG 32 (IIRC; maybe it was 42 or 43... there's a revised version in the issue after) I had no problems with it; worked fine.

Let me know how you get on and what the problem was.


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