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Re: naming kernel images (potato)

> Whenever I've built a kernel I've used the following syntax:
> # make-kpkg --rev tux.1.0 kernel_image
> where "tux" identifies the machine to me and "1.0" identifies which of
> my revisions of the kernel I'm dealing with.
> I install the resulting kernel-image-...-.deb with dpkg -i.
> I recently upgraded a box to potato, grabbed the source for
> kernel-2.2.15, and built and installed a kernel. No worries.
> # apt-get update ; apt-get -s upgrade
> offered to upgrade kernel-image-2.2.15 for me.  :-(

I had the same problem and ended up putting the kernel-image...
package on hold using dselect. Now I'll just get new versions of

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