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Re: vga=ask

On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 11:20:11AM -0500, A. Scott White wrote:
> Jo wrote:
> > A full screen console (no X), is that what you want?
> > If so check out framebuffer. There is an HOWTO on it.
> > Jo
> I want to use a different vga text mode (like 80x50) on my terminal. I do
> not like to use X Windows, it is too slow. I prefer to use the standard,
> text based terminal. I want, however, to be able to see more text on the
> screen at one time.
> What is framebuffer?

Framebuffer is a kernel thing that *may* allow you to run high
resolution consoles.  I use 1024x768x32bpp ... pretty nice.  Plus you
get a groovy penguin image at boot-up!  Available in 2.2 kernels for x86
machines.  See <kernel source>/Documentation/fb/*.txt. Framebuffer != X,
though there is an unaccellerated X server with a Framebuffer target
(XF86_FBDEV) -- suboptimal if svga or other will give you

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