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Re: vga=ask

"A. Scott White" wrote:
> I've set vga=ask in my lilo.conf and run lilo.
> I've specified the kernel image along with the command line vga=auto at the
> lilo prompt.
> I've run rdev -v \boot\vmlinuz-2.2.15 -3
> I've run vidmode \boot\vmlinuz-2.2.15 -3
> I have also tried all of the above with "extended" in place of "ask" (and -2
> in place of -3)
> None of this has worked for me. Any idea how I can squeeze more that 80x25
> out of my S3 Trio64 and my 21" monitor on Debian potato with kernel >2.2.15?

I used 'vga=ask' at the boot prompt if I remember right.  If that
doesn't work for you the 'lilo.conf' manpage says --

<number>:   use the corresponding text mode. A list
of available modes can be obtained by booting  with
vga=ask  and pressing [Enter].

If  this  variable is omitted, the VGA mode setting
contained in the kernel image is used. (And that is
set at compile time using the SVGA_MODE variable in
the kernel Makefile, and can later be changed  with
the rdev(8) program.)


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