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Missing cd-rom chokes off the install process


ÿMessage--- Missing cd-rom chokes off the install process

Hi:   name here is Hughie. Hope you can help me, if you will.

I'm very new to Linux so have very little knowledge of choosing and
organizing commands. 

I know that """ w """ wipes out Dos 6 and Windows 3.1, when you are in the
process of trying to create partitions using the cd-rom fdisk :-)

The current Boot floppy information is:
	(Linux 2.2.12 (from kernel-image- 2.2.12_2.2.12-1)

Pressing enter at the boot: activates
	loading root.bin
	loading Linux
	uncompressing linux

The diagnostic seems to be o.k except for
	EATA PIO  No Bios32 extension present makes itself known

My question - is "Bios32 extension really needed at this stage of the
game?  My two hd's are 300 mgb's and 400 mgbs which ( maybe ) by
themselves are large enough to load the basic system ???? 

The install continues and installs the "color" and "qwerty" and continues
with the "install kernel and modules" and asks where the rescue floppies
will be presented? (which turns out to be "/dev/fd0")

The install then asks for the driver floppy to be placed in the first drive.
I don't have the driver information on a separate disk or elsewhere.

Is it possible that the needed driver information is within the loaded
Linux program and could be "tweaked" to get the cd-rom information that it
seems to be searching for? 

Otherwisw is there a source to get the cd-rom information via a drivers
source (Linux based) on the net. I have a disk (for Mashita CR-562) that
used to work when I had Dos and Windows 3.1 but it won't be accepted by

As another alternative is there a source for boot floppies that would
better fit my present installation program. 

My cd-rom is a Matshita CR-562 which is recognized by Debian in general
but seems to be not recognized by the boot floppy that was created from my
Debian 2.1 cd-rom (The boot floppy disk (one only) was made by another
person on another machine using windows.)

Any help anyone can give me will be much appreciated.

Regards  and thanks for reading this far.    



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