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Re: Missing cd-rom chokes off the install process

Quoting Hugh Welwood (bq929@freenet.toronto.on.ca):
> The diagnostic seems to be o.k except for
> 	EATA PIO  No Bios32 extension present makes itself known
> My question - is "Bios32 extension really needed at this stage of the
> game?

Well, they've toned down the message then! My non-PCI machines said
: No BIOS32 extensions present. This driver release still depends on it.
in hamm and
: No BIOS32 extensions present. This driver release still depends on it.
  Skipping scan for PCI HBAs.
in slink. Just ignore these messages (and they'll go away if and when
you compile your own kernel).

> My two hd's are 300 mgb's and 400 mgbs which ( maybe ) by
> themselves are large enough to load the basic system ???? 

You'll have to be careful what you install. I'd probably put /usr
on the 400 disk, but not /usr/local.

> I don't have the driver information on a separate disk or elsewhere.
> Is it possible that the needed driver information is within the loaded
> Linux program and could be "tweaked" to get the cd-rom information that it
> seems to be searching for? 

You need the driver disk that someone else has posted details of.
The driver is under cdrom (naturally) and is called sbpcd.o
according to my kernel source.

> Otherwisw is there a source to get the cd-rom information via a drivers
> source (Linux based) on the net.

The disadvantage of this is that it must be compiled for the right
kernel version. The ones on the drivers disk should match.

> I have a disk (for Mashita CR-562) that
> used to work when I had Dos and Windows 3.1 but it won't be accepted by
> Linux

Those drivers will not be useful here.

> As another alternative is there a source for boot floppies that would
> better fit my present installation program. 

If this is potato (frozen) I think the boot floppies may well be evolving
at the moment as release is fairly imminent, so you may find newer ones
on debian mirrors at any time. The latest are 4th May at the moment I


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