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Re: apt-get install or upgrade from stored archive

Well, lets put the question in a more general manner: What steps should be followed to
avoid this problem in the future? That is, is there any way of keeping the downloaded
upgrade with the dependency structure and everything else, so that in case of a problem
the system can be restored by: 1) Installing from CD, and subsequently 2) Using the
downloaded upgrade?
My system was mesed up, the file system got all upside down after a few unlucky
kernel-lilo changes. So I used the rescue floppy from slink and re-installed from zero.
But I lost all the upgrade!!!! And it really sounds unlikely spending again hours doing
it, especially because I have all the debs in my hard drive!!!
Wait a second, what if I run apt-get update pointing to frozen, and the swithch it to
file:// , would that work?
I would like to hear opinions before attempting it again.

Ron Rademaker wrote:

> You should change your sources.list and use file:// instead of ftp or http
> to install from a local file, however I think the directory structure
> won't be good AND ther won't be any packages.gz, furthermore you should
> find some kind of force-downgrade options in apt-get. I think you should
> use dpkg to downgrade in this case.
> By the way, what do you mean: messed up the system, what went wrong,
> perhaps it'll be easier to fix it!
> Ron Rademaker
> On Thu, 18 May 2000, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> > I had installed slink 2.1, which I upgraded through a my moden
> > connection after a few days to frozen. I made a backup of the
> > /var/cache/apt/archives folder in to another partition. After that I
> > messed up my system, so I had to reinstall 2.1 again. How can I apt-get
> > upgrade my system to the previous frozen status by using the backed
> > archive? The problem I see is that apt-get will have troubble
> > determining the dependencies, without a package.gz file, and there
> > wasn't any in the archive. Please help. I would hate to go through the
> > whole downloading thing again. If I fetch the packages.gz file existing
> > now in frozen, it will probably be different enough to be a problem.
> > Please give me some ideas for now and for future problems of the same
> > kind.
> > (Thanx)(10^6)
> > Antonio.
> >
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