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Re: Video display question.

On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 04:36:42PM +0000, Brent McMillan wrote:
> I've been playing around with my xf86config and my window manager
> (afterstep) for a while trying to get images to appear as nice as when I
> view them in Windows.  I have a ATI Rage IIc AGP with 8 Mb of RAM and I
> run X windows at 24 bpp and a resolution of 1024x768.   My problem is
> that Netscape has trouble "allocating a colour map entry for the
> background" and jpegs and such all appear grainy no matter what program
> I use to view them with.  I've limited my wharf to 5 colour unintensive
> icons, since any more would not appear when the wharf was started. 
> Also, I just have a plain blue background for my root window.

You sure you're running at 24bpp?

> Can anyone tell me what needs to be done so that I can get more colours
> on my screen?  Thanks in advance

Yes, run at 16, 24 or 32bpp.

The error message you're seeing is indicative of 8bpp modes.

(BTW, last I knew Netscape looked like crap at 24bpp, failing to color
its icons.  That's a bug in Netscape.  It works at 16 or 32bpp.)

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