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Re: xntp

john <joney@clara.co.uk> a écrit :

| I wish to keep time synchronised by using my ISP's timeserver. This box
| is a stand-alone one, and I connect using a modem.

I personnally choosed some time servers on the net but the result is more
or less the same...

| After installing xntp3 and xntp3-doc packages, I find the docs far too
| complex to fully understand, and the program aims for far greater
| accuracy than I need.

I felt like yourself :)

| 20.19.55 xntpd [171] synchronized to <time server>, stratum =2

So it works : synchronized means your clock is or will (after a while) be
to the same time.

| 20.27.00 xntpd [171] synchronized to <time server>, stratum =3

You are synchronized again, so all is well. If not you will have some clear 
failure logged.

| I can't understand the /var/log/ntpstats files (loopstats and peerstats)

They are mainly used to keep a very accurate synchronization. For a simple
and personnal usage, you do not have to log all these files. 

| Are there any explanatory notes (preferably in simple terms) for the
| contents of the ntpstat log files?  Can anyone offer any ideas as to
| where I should go from here?

I supposed you search xntp web site ?


mverdier@chez.com (Michel Verdier)

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