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Re: libNoVersion.so missing?

> > I am trying to run a piece of software in a debian potato setup and get
> > the following error message almost immediately (after which the
> > application stops):
> >
> > error in loading shared libraries: libNoVersion.so.1:  cannot open
> > shared object file or directory
> >
> > I was able to get rid of the problem (and even run my program!) by
> > copying this library from a Redhat 6.1 distro !:)
> >
> > Has anyone else had this kind of problem? The library in Redhat is
> > distributed with glibc--should it be in debian also?  Should I send a
> > bug report to the maintainer of glibc (ie the maintainer of libc6)?
> It could be a bug in the program that it depends on
> libNoVersion.so. What program were you trying to run, how did you
> install it (from source, a package), and who compiled it (where)?

It is a propriatary piece of software (no source available).  It is
essentially a
binary executable (which runs under Redhat 6.1) and debain if and only
if I copy the
above library


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