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Re: Corel Linux

muzica@catcha.com wrote:
>         Hello Debian team,
> I read that is a collaboration with you. So I really hope to get help regarding
> installation.
> I am using P3(450) processsor, 32MB RAM, onboard (integrated) display card and
> others are standard. When I install Corel on my second partition (drive d:)
> the installation stopped at 10%. After that the software starts to reinstall
> itself again and stopped. I have try and error to install it but still failed
> many times. I want to know what is the problem? Is my computer has unsupported
> hardware? If so why others can do?
> I am so disappointed with this. I really hope you can give me some clues to
> make this succeed. I ama Linux idiot so really need your advice. FYI, my drive
> c: is running WINDOWS.
> Shall i try Linux Mandrake 7.0 which I heard very intelligent and compatible
> with least fuss? Thank you so very much for your help.
> Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!
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Do you have any unusual peripherals hooked up, particularly SCSI
devices?  If you have a SCSI scanner, try turning it off during

Also, there is a good Corel usenet group which you can get to from
www.corel.com.  Go there to the linux link and then sign up to get on
the newsgroup.  Someone will be able to help there.  I hear a lot of bad
mouthing about Corel but after an initial frustration mine worked rather
well.  I'm using straight Debian now for various reasons but I have to
say that the Corel is amazingly easy to use and versatile, and I still
have it loaded on a partition in my machine.  Sometimes I check out its
configuration files when I'm stumped about something in Debian.

Good luck.

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