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XDM & i810

This is really weird.  I configured XF86 3.3.6 to work with my i810 based
video, and startx runs fine, i can work for hours and hours no problem.

but when i run xdm or kdm, it loads fine, the login screen comes up but
the keyboard doesn't work.  mouse works fine. seems the only key i can get
to work though is the numlock key. keyboard works *fine* when im using
'startx'.  the keyboard section of my XF86Config:

Section "Keyboard"
   Protocol        "Standard"
   XkbRules        "xfree86"
   XkbModel        "microsoft"
   XkbLayout       "us"

i use virtually the same XF86Config on multiple machines and only the one
with i810 has this problem.

anyone else encounter this/ have ideas ??



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