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arpwatch and the never Ending Syslog


After I installed arpwatch the syslog grows and grows and grows!
then I looked to the init.d script and found that the ARGS option
is set at "" by default. Would be better to have it set to 
"-b" by default?.
I read the init script of arpwach.  the "ARGS" is declared at
the top but get not used in the "case" anywhere.
The line on the script is:

  start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --exec $DAEMON

Is this line correct or is lacking something?
then the line, I guess, should be (I am a biologist, then do not 
expect much about me)

 start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --exec $DAEMON -- $ARGS

PS please cc to me I'm not in the list.

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