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Re: XF4.0 Modelines?

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Dan Brosemer wrote:

> My typical strategy for configuring X is to go through xf86config and then
> try to start X many times deleting modelines from the XF86Config file when
> they fail (my monitor stays black).  This worked great for all of the 3.3
> series.
> I compiled XF86 4.0 and installed it, but when I tried this, I found that
> there were no modelines in the XF86Config file.  A search of xfree86.org
> yeilds nothing helpful, I was wondering if someone could tell me what
> happened to them or offer a better way of getting X working.
> I have a Permedia 2 based reference board and a GoldStar Studioworks 78i
> monitor.  Entering the specs for the monitor (hsync and vrefresh) leave me
> with a blank screen (and the monitor in sleep mode) with both XF4.0 and
> 3.3.x.
> -Dan
> -- 
> "Beware he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart 
> he dreams himself your master."
I have read that Xserver 4.0 is configured by using XF86Setup (it is
considered old xf86config). it doesn't use modeline becuase it autodetect
standard vesa modes of plug&display of the monitor. If you have an old
monitor you need to save the modelines of an old XF86conf of 3.3.X
Xservers and insert them in your new XF86conf (the new XServer 4.0 should
use them).

Good Luck.


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