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Re: Help with apachie

Hi Brian,
I think your looking for this: 

	[timberwolf:someuser:/$]> htpasswd 
	Usage: htpasswd [-c] passwordfile username
	The -c flag creates a new file.

ie.. htpasswd -c passwd.www username

1. Ensure it is NOT world readable.
2. Make sure it is NOT in any web viewable directory.


-Robert MacQuarrie

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Brian Schramm wrote:
>I am running Debian Slink.  I would like to know how to re-create the htaccess password
>file that I deleted at som point.  I know it is simple but I cannot find the info anywere
>including Apachie site.  I ran htpasswd -b .password username password but that did not fix it.
>Can anyone help?
>Brian Schramm

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