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Re: Learning Linux

No, the way to Enlightenment is www.enlightenment.org :)
(Now HOW useful is that?)

 Corey Popelier
 Work Email: copo@commerce.wa.gov.au

On Mon, 1 May 2000, w trillich wrote:

> Steven Burns wrote:
> > 
> > Anyway, I just thought you deserved a decent response with some specifics, rather
> > than the lame-ass type of response you got from Mr. Peak.  I mean, seriously, Mr.
> > Peak's response gives absolutely no useful information.  "I'd recommend getting a
> > good Linux book to help you get started?"  Well - NO DUH!!!  The question is which
> > book!
> > 
> > I recently posted a question to this group about the problem I'm having with the
> > Debian installation program and got a similarly useless response.
> > 
> > Steven
> now, now.
> do you suppose your diatribe will elicit more cooperation?
> or less? (i tried it, and the answer is less. trust me.)
> even tho i occasionally get some terse answers which don't mean 
> much to me, i've learned to either ignore them and keep plugging
> until i find what i need, or to ask more specific questions until
> i get the pointer that breaks me out of my snag. sometimes the
> answer-ers assume you know more than you do; don't be shy about
> asking for more basic background info.
> certainly, it's not wise to tick off someone who has the capability
> to be very ehlpful to you (even if he hasn't been, yet).
> the hand that feeds, and so forth.
> by the way -- we're ALL in this together; you'll be able to help
> someone else someday, and may manage to provide an answer
> that's not useful to the asker, someday. you don't owe me any
> answers, and i don't owe you one, either. but if i think i can
> help, i will try.
> encourage, listen, offer.
> Scold, is not The Way To Enlightenment.
> -- 
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