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Re: Getting Gnome to run (unable to bind port 16001)

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 10:05:42PM -0400, Arcady Genkin wrote:
> I'm trying to configure a point-and-click Linux installation for a
> friend of mine. I have been trying to get Gnome running, but to no
> avail...
> >From gnome's docs it seems like all it takes is to put "exec gnome-wm"
> into X initialization file. I am using wdm, and suspect that it could
> be more difficult than that. The installation is a brand-new install
> of Potato.

I think you want to change that to "exec gnome-session". BTW, if you're
leaning towards a gnomey set-up, you might want to use gdm instead.
Then the user just selects "gnome session" from the login prompt (no need
to edit ~/.xession files). A non-gnome session can be started by
choosing the "Debian" or "Xsession" selections on the login window.

> So far I tried three approaches:
> 1. Chosing "failsafe" (only an xterm displayed, no window manager)
>    from wdm, and trying to run gnome-wm from there. I get an error
>    "Unable to bind port 16001".

Think "gnome-wm" wants gnome-name-service, gnome-session running first.
I could be wrong.  The docs are not as clear as they could be ;)

> 2. Adding "gnome-wm" to the selection of windowmanagers in
>    /etc/X11/wdm/wdm-config. This didn't work, and wdm just starts the
>    previous windowmanager.
> 3. Put "exec gnome-wm" into ~/.xsession. This yeilds nothing.
> Any suggestions? Like I said, the system is stock Potato with gnome
> and the rest installed by apt.
> On another note, is gnome-panel an application? I.e. should there be
> an executable with name "gnome-panel"? I installed the gnome-panel
> package, but the executable with this name is nowhere to be found.
> Thanks!
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