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Re: lynx and squid

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 08:48:17AM -0500, ktb wrote:
> I've looked in the archives and the documentation for lynx.  I was
> wondering if lynx can be set up to use squid on my firewall?  I see
> there is a way to set up lynx in /etc/lynx.cfg to use an isp's proxy but
> I haven't been able to get lynx to work with mine.  I have also tried to
> sign in on my firewall with 'lynx -pauth=fkent:<passwd>' but that
> results in --
> Warning, unable to connect to remote host.
> If lynx can't be used with squid then is there a text browser out there
> that will?
> Thanks,
> kent

Set the environment variable $HTTP_PROXY to the appropriate value, eg:


...which also works for w3m.  Not sure about links (w3m and links are
two other text-mode browsers).

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