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How to get a manual for an old 3486-vc-hd motherboard?

Can someone suggests how can I get a manual for an old 4386-vc-hd mother board?

I have managed to find the following:

4386­VC­HD ISA Motherboard 
click layout
­ BIOS ID string ????????????? <­­ please send yours in
­ 8­30 pin SIMM slots (1­128meg FPM DRAM)
­ 6­16bit ISA slots
­ 64­256k cache support in 8­28pin sockets + 2 TAG RAM sockets
­ AMI/Award Bios
­ VIA VT82C495/VT82C480 Chipset
­ DALLAS Real Time Clock
note: ­ there are NO resistor networks on this model
­ Supports Intel 80487SX/80486SX/80486DX/DX2 or
Intel 80386DX,AMD80386DX at 25/33/40/50/66MHz
­ Manufactured by: FIC

							Thank you.

	--  Shaul Karl <shaulk@israsrv.net.il>

[00:41:32 /tmp]$ echo; zgrep -A15 Introduction \
> /usr/share/doc/autoconf/autoconf.html.gz | tail -n12

A physicist, an engineer, and a computer scientist were
discussing the nature of God.  Surely a Physicist, said the
physicist, because early in the Creation, God made Light; and you
know, Maxwell's equations, the dual nature of electro-magnetic
waves, the relativist consequences... An Engineer!, said the
engineer, because before making Light, God split the Chaos into
Land and Water; it takes a hell of an engineer to handle that big
amount of mud, and orderly separation of solids from
liquids... The computer scientist shouted: And the Chaos,
where do you think it was coming from, hmm?

[00:41:36 /tmp]$ 

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