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Re: Thank you !

no problem. if you have seen any of my other posts, you'll
know that i'm often in the same boat--looking for the right
directive in an unknown config file for some mysterious program.

i like the debian paradigm for updating software: they had a
*.rpm (red-hat package manager) translation thing with 'alien'
but they've got an uber-system going with apt (actually,
apt-get, which will wind up being the back-end to apt).

even so, who'd think to try 'apt' when you're looking to
update or upgrade? it's all a big labyrinth, and we've
stepped into in blindfolded.

makes the successes all the more tasty when we find our way!

*nix is really cool in my book because
1) it's stable
	(some machines have been up for years with no restart)
2) it's pow pow powerful
	(pipes and scripts galore makes *.bat look anemic)
3) it's consistent down to the bone
	(everything is a file: processes, pipes, devices, partitions...)
4) it's open
	(staroffice, all those sql engines, languages, apache;
	if you find a snag you can fix it yourself instead of waiting
	for the high priests to dole out the patches)

torvalds is a godsend for bringing unix to the masses; 
and he's making bill nervous, to boot. awesome!

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