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StarOffice_5.1 doesn't run on an autofs/nfs home-dir + nis passwds

      I have StarOffice 5.1 installed on a client computer (home
directories autofs mounted from an nfs server, and nis passwords), but it
doesn't run anymore since I started to update slink (it worked ok with
  It blocks in  soffice_dir/bin/javaldx.
  I tested setting the HOME to some local directory and it works fine.

First (some early partial upgrade) it hanged completely, in
particular I could kill soffic and javaldx but this last binary continued
to exist as a process (having a D in "ps afx"), and "w" showed me a very
high cpuload (equal to the number of floating javaldx processes + the real
cpuload). Then, after upgrading again, soffice started to work ok, and now
(uptodate potato) it doesn't work but I can kill javaldx's and the cpuload
doesn't grow.

Now I am running kernel 2.1.14, glibc 2.1.3-8, etc (completely up to date
potato a few days ago). With the same packages/versions, Soffice runs ok
in the server computer.

Has anyone had the same problem? Thanks!!
[ If you answer, please CC your email to me as I am not subscribed to this
  list ]
Regards, Ariel

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