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Potato install glitches....

I am doing a CD boot install of potato and finding a few problems.

First as to what version this is, about all I can tell you is that it says:
kernel-image 2.2.14_2.2.14-2 and a little later it says debian rescue floppy
ver 2.2.9 2000-03-28.  I downloaded the entire CD image of disc 1
potato-i386-1.raw 04/16/00 03:14pm so I am guessing its pretty fresh.

Now the glitches:

When the install program asks me to select the medium used to install the
system I choose cdrom and it responds:  "You have more than one CD-ROM
drive.  Please select the drive from which you want to install Debian"

But I only have one CD-ROM drive and in addition it presents me with just
this to choose from:

/dev/hdc: ATAPI (IDE), first drive on the secondary controller.

Now I want to point out I am not at all puzzled, I can just select this as
its the only one anyway, but does this represent a problem in the install
software which should be corrected before potato is released?  Maybe that
too late but I want to report this in case there is time.

Or is this the wrong place to report this?

By the way this potato install has many of the slink install querks fixed.


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