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FOLLOWUP: what happened to wmaker-gnome?

Ron Farrer (rbf@farrer.net) wrote:

> What's the deal with wmaker-gnome? I tried to do a a dist-upgrade,
> something I haven't done in a few months and it removed wmaker-gnome.
> Trying to install it direct with 'apt-get install wmaker-gnome' produces
> this: 
> Note, selecting wmaker instead of wmaker-gnome
> Sorry, wmaker is already the newest version
> Did wmaker-gnome get pulled while I was sleeping? BTW this is a potato
> system (Alpha).  

Thanks to everyone who replied. I went ahead and let it remove
wmaker-gnome and install wmaker. I logged out and back in and all seems
to be just fine. (knock on wood ;-) 

Thanks again,

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